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Paul Rand
Solving problems v Ego

If you’ve read Steve Jobs biography, this is what Paul Rand, a world class graphic designer said to Jobs when asked to design a logo for NeXT...

by Amanda Bate  |  July 2021
Website Resuscitation
Off The Shelf Web Development is it really fit for serious business?

We’ve had to act like paramedics at a medical emergency, resuscitating a patient..

by Phil Taylor & Mark Shipsides  |  May 16, 2019
Shop open for business
We always look at the problem first and use appropriate technology.

Too often tech is oversold with features you don’t need.

by Mark Shipsides  |  Jun 14, 2019
Old time SEO lets pretend
Old Time S.E.O. - let’s pretend …

How things were ‘back in the day’. Otherwise known as ‘How the internet works for you’ when you put the right pieces in play.

by Becky Sowray  |  April 4, 2018
Shop open for business
When Yellow Pages stops printing ...

Did you know that in finding a tradesperson or service provider approximately two thirds of people will use social media.

by Becky Sowray  |  Jan 30, 2019
All the right parts
All the right parts ...

Your website needs to be more than just visually striking. Here’s some thoughts on what stands behind a pretty face.

by Becky Sowray  |  April 12, 2018
Colour talks
Colour Talks?

How we process the business information that a company carries with its business logo. And the opposite of that; how that is constructed.

by Becky Sowray  |  Feb 27, 2018
What you need
Web Design - Why Hire In?

What makes our services stand out from the crowd? The things that we do that add value to every part of the process.

by Phil Taylor  |  09 March 2018
Internet is a roller coaster ride
It’s a roller coaster, isn’t it, the internet?

The thrill and the dread; websites and social media. What works and what fails. And why.

by Becky Sowray  |  October 2018
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