Off The Shelf Web Development
is it really fit for serious business ...

“Create a website in minutes. WordPress.com gives you everything you need to start your website today.
Free hosting, your own domain, a world-class support team, and so much more.” Sounds good doesn’t it?

“We’ve had to act like paramedics at a medical emergency”

There you are in your organisation, tasked with building a website to promote a new product or service. But where do you start? Many would look to“off the shelf” solutions such as WordPress or Wix as opposed to commissioning a web development company for a bespoke solution. They seem to promise the perfect quick answer. But things do get more complicated, and fast. As soon as you go beyond using standard web templates in an attempt to differentiate your design and get it doing exactly what you want you will have to use plugins. But plugins can bring problems.

Graphic Identity has seen these problems at first hand. We’ve had to act like paramedics at a medical emergency, resuscitating a patient. We’ve been asked to do transplants when WordPress sites have died. We’ve talked to companies whose websites have been taken off line because of hackers who attacked plugins with malicious code. With confidential data lost because of bad backup strategies. With administrators locked out of accounts. You could have prevented those problems before they occured.

Who manages your backup strategy for data? What do you need to do if you’re suddenly asked to deliver a live online event, such as a product launch? What started off as a simple solution can grow quickly into a set of complex delivery and maintenance tasks. Are you ready for that extra responsibility, risk and cost? Graphic Identity brings the experience and skills to develop that web presence alongside you, with technical and brand expertise to deliver a secure, cost-effective, managed solution, meeting your vision and expectations.

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