When Yellow Pages stops printing ...

Yellow Pages will no longer provide printed copies of their directories, ending a fifty-one year heritage, (The Independent, 2019), evidence of our ever changing commercial landscape.

“So, how do your customers arrive? ”

Whatever means that they use to find you; the process needs to be as simple and effective as possible.

“Nearly nine in ten (88%) UK adults are online, and this is almost universal among those under 55.” (Ofcom - Adults’ media use and attitudes report 2019)

For most of the population internet use is an integral part of their daily lives. We use it for everything from calls to shopping, groceries to entertainment, personal finance to plumbing. From Google to Siri via Alexa; it drives our decision making. In finding a tradesperson or service provider approximately two thirds of people will use social media as a research tool (www.simply business.co.uk) – for construction services to theatre trips.

Ask yourself that question again. “How do your customers find their way to your door?”

Only 10% of the population remains off line; almost half of the 74 and over age bracket. If these are your customers then local directories, physical advertisements, logos and livery and word of mouth with remain amongst your highest priorities. And that offline proportion falls as the age drops. Building your presence in their online lives is how they find you. At Graphic Identity we’re here to help you draw a map to your door.

  • Responsive websites stand at the centre of the online experience. Whether your customers arrive directly or through inward links we’re here to keep them on your site and maximise revenue.
  • SEO and social media. From targeted advice through to a full management service we can work with you to build a conversation around your business.
  • Custom applications, displays and print; everything you need to build a branded connection between your online presence and the real world.

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