It’s a roller coaster, isn’t it, the internet?

The thrill when it works; keeping you in the know, ahead of the competition? And dread as it drops off; the sense that you don’t feel like you’re keeping up? Lots of websites and social media profiles get left behind. So, what do we do? We build websites, create branding and prepare marketing of all kinds.

Simply put; we make sure you don’t get left behind.

Here’s the first extreme. You can build your own website or someone’s got a mate. Fantastic; they’re cheap, quick and ready to go.

Problems? They quickly look dated, there’s problems with hosting as traffic builds, security certificates, emdedding social profiles, links to online trading, adding content to the site at all, versatility as your needs change, difficulty in adding functionality – sign up forms, video feeds, members only areas, log in forms. We could go on. So, you’re not planning on that.

The second option? You’re not here to mess around; you’re looking to build a business that’s got resilience. So, you look to any number of fantastic creative agencies.

They’ve got work that makes you feel like it’s 2076; seamlessly combining the best of your physical presence with the flexibility of your online shop window. And they’ve got a smart, city centre office and they’d love to see you for coffee or a chat. It couldn’t be easier; what with their open plan office space, hotdesking and breakout area. And you can almost feel the weight of the cost of all that.

And here’s where we fit. In between the two extremes. What we do at Graphic Design is different. Yes, we’re specialists; digital migrants all of us. We know why this is important. We remember what the world looked like when the processing power of your mobile put a man on the moon, when mainframes occupied entire office buildings. Yes; we understand that our working lives are changing; online has brought opportunities that were science fiction ten years ago. Provide remote access to your website from your mobile phone? Offer the same service to customers at the other end of the country as around the corner? Allow you to keep in touch with customers with events information, new products via email in pleasant, open and direct manner? All of that.

We’ve all worked in other industries; three big skills grew from there. Design, communication and coding. Those three that accurately describe what we do. But we bring that together by drawing on experience of communications electronics, graphic design, software design, legal services, industrial manufacturing, arts and entertainments.

Graphic Design has just finished building a second website for a returning customer. That makes us happy; it confirms that we work hard to understand the industry of each business we work with and their issues. Here’s a link to the sites; they are both precise, accessible and differentiates them from their competition.

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