Web Design - Why Hire In?

There’s a startling array of easy to use web design platforms that cost very little. You or your office junior could probably do a nice little site. Why would you hire us?

Simply because our sites do the job they’re meant for – growing your business.

The websites we build use effective SEO, have a high aesthetic grab and best of all they’re sticky. Our time is your investment. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Content. Your customers appreciate good quality content. They will actively move away from sites that provide images they’ve seen before and words that have been ‘unfaithful’ - i.e. the same phrases and explanations that your competitors use.

Speed. We understand how people ‘read’ a website and can provide them with the visual stimuli that make them stay put. This means graphic anchor points and sticky writing.

Need. Why is your potential customer here? We’ve experience of looking at your business from the outside in; a fresh approach to see why they’re coming to you and how to convince them that you can meet their needs.

Control. Reader’s need to have their expectations met; that sites will follow a process that they are familiar with from current web design trends. The structures and shapes that the major online presences use are what people expect and these are constantly changing.

Intuition. We navigate a website not by logic but by expectation, experience and response. Sites don’t want to be making users think. We’re all busy, busy, busy – that’s why so many of us are online in the first place.

Design. Good design is timeless. Building visual appeal through structure, logos and layout is what we know through practice and experience.

Language. We find a tone of voice for your business; from that flows a choice of words. The structure of that language keeps the design and the words faithful to your site.

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