When looks do matter …

At the core of all of what we do stands a certain creativity that we’re ready to put to work for your business. It’s a way of seeing your business through both your eyes and those of your potential customers.

How a product looks, the branding it carries and its overall appearance are part of that. We provide prototyping services, working with our established manufacturing partners, for manufactured metal products, name plates and plastic overlays.

Our services in creating high quality identification products including labels, decals, name and data plates, panel fronts and overlays have been used by many of the businesses appearing elsewhere on this website and other companies too. It’s all part of seeing the bigger picture.

  • Services

    Our work includes designs and consultancy for:

    • Materials Consultation
    • Manufacturing Consultation
    • Polycarbonate and Polyester overlays
    • Sheet Metal and Machine parts
    • Equipment Enclosure design
    • Functional and Decorative logos and decals
    • Pre-manufactured product renderings
    • Prototyping services
    • Industry standard manufacturing files

Custom Design

Design flows throughout everything that’s made.

From a basic 2D sketch to a fully rendered visual. Our specialist creative team work as an extension of your own company to add that extra element. We can help you use less of your time by adding some of ours. Our experience in choice of materials and construction processes as well as overlays, enclosures, parts and logos make us a valuable manufacturing partner.

Taking time

We can help you use less of your time by adding some of ours.

Our founder Phil Taylor worked as a chassis and aesthetics designer for many years in the Private Mobile Radio Sector. Developing functional designs on a budget and being able to leverage the best from available materials. This experience and having an eye for a pretty face allows Graphic Identity to offer this wrap around design service.


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