Technical Manuals

Highly technical system manuals
Producing accessible manuals, ready for front line operations.

Technical Manuals - EDF Energy

Producing accessible manuals, ready for front line operations, meant that we worked from first principles. Graphic Identity have the technical skills and understanding to assess a process and work out how to present it to best effect for any user.

Working as a result of a referral we collaborated with Emitts Communications to provide a series of highly technical system manuals cataloguing a communications system deployed at one of the UK’s nuclear generator sites.

  • IndustryDigital Communications
  • ServicesDesign, Technical Drawing
  • SummaryTo create a series of technical manuals to be used for on-site support for communications engineers working at a nuclear power plants operated by EDF Energy.
Schematic design software
Equipment operational manuals
communications system schematics
Outside the usual boundaries
Graphic Identity brings creative marketing, design and content skills to your business.

But beyond that we can draw upon a broad range of skills and experiences acquired from the times we’ve spent in other industries. Our broad skill base and our willingness to look at things differently mean that we are uniquely placed to complete projects that don’t fit within templates; where you need a solution that is yours and yours alone. The work we did for EDF as well as a similar project for Vermont Electric Power Co. Inc. in the U.S.A. prove our ability to think outside the usual boundaries.

Communications system support manual for EDF Energy
EFF Energy communications system schematics
Vermont Electric Corp communications manual
VELCO communications system schematics
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