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Brand development
All specialists share the same need to explain their services in an accessible way.

Specialist software design may well be the grail of the 21st century and communicating that in the noise of the internet is a challenge.

For Dave Killingback, the founder of D-Cipher, we needed to explain to potential customers that here is the real thing; a company that speaks the language of code and can bring true intellectual and technical innovation to the process of software writing.

The resulting site is both simple and effective. Access to the site is straightforward and it communicates effectively that this is a key service; it will change the way many of its users do business.

OPEN D-Cipher website
  • ClientD-Cipher Software
  • IndustrySoftware development
  • ServicesDesign, Brand, Website Development, Digital Strategy.
  • SummaryTo create a website demonstrating a specialist service to a generalist B2B audience. Creating a brand that would go a long way towards demonstrating what the company’s core values were.
D-Cipher sotware responsive website via ipad
D-Cipher software code development on a laptop
D-Cipher software website screen designs
Specialist Sites
All specialists share the same need to explain their services in an accessible way.

It’s a challenge that we relish at Graphic Identity. Working to explain what others do and to present it in an attractive and attention holding way is a key part of what we do.

D-Cipher software website home page
GI would be an asset to any team and earns my highest recommendation.

Graphic Identity are gifted designers, with a rare understanding of their marketplace and a knack for distilling their customers requirements into an easy to understand document. I have been lucky enough to work with Phil Gi's Creative Director on a number of recent projects where I have designed and supplied back-end CRM software modules to complement GI's online environments. I was particularly impressed by Phil’s tenacity and his ability to cover all the details when designing a customers online presence. That skill often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him.

David Killingback (Technical Director / Owner at D-Cipher Software Limited)