About the Ellis project

Ellis Group work in Cornwall and Devon running a diverse electrical and security company. We’ve been working closely with them to present each aspect of their business through their twin websites for the two divisions.

We’ve made sure that the website structure and design gives priority to the growing and dominant areas of the business, so that they can continue to expand and fulfil their potential.

As well as the site architecture, design, tone, and voice there’s a lot of ‘invisible’ work in place for Ellis that gives them a high search engine ranking. This S.E.O. work allows them to reach more potential customers more quickly.

  • Customer Website

    Ellis Electrical

    Ellis Security

  • Services

    Design, Development, Digital Strategy, Marketing, Website, Print ready, SEO

  • Brief

    Graphic Identity worked to help Ellis move from their old websites towards to a current image that would be more accessible to customers and present the business in its current form.

Digital Media

A bright and accessible branding to attract a broad customer base

With everything from a market leading generator hire business to a company branch that specialises in security installations Ellis need to be both consistent and accessible.

Every aspect of their digital and physical presence is geared to that; the choice of colour, graphics and layout all working to that one end.

All the detail

For Ellis it was important to work on two different platforms.

One side of their process would be an attractive and accessible website, making the most of effective SEO and content. And the second element needed to be print.

This fuller catalogue was designed to be produced in print and to be downloadable from the website. This offered an opportunity to provide greater detail about the product range and services. The hire guides and specification guides produced for Ellis allow them to stay on top of the pile for longer, helping salesforces to make more conversions.



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