An international player

Servicom bring together many skills; from their highly trained engineers to the extreme competence of their project management, they’ve a catalogue of communications projects across specialisms and continents.

We’re here to help them communicate all that to potential customers so they can carry on expanding.

We’ve written and designed their existing website, developed leaflets and infographics for trade fairs, created articles for the trade press as well as a whole range of internal documentation for company wide use. Servicom are flexible in their approach to finding engineering solutions; invited to partner on many high-profile projects in the Automotive industry, to Airports and beyond.

  • Customer Websites

    Servicom (High Tech) Ltd.

  • Services

    Design, Development, Digital Strategy, Marketing, Publications, Adverts, Large scale signage, Show Stands and Internal Documentation as well as SEO and Social Media campaigns.

  • Summary

    Servicom are a high-profile communications company looking to maintain that profile and continue to build a large body of quality projects. We’re proud to be involved in helping them to extend their reach.


One of Servicom’s greatest strengths is their ability to bring the same qualities of innovation and technical excellence to every field that they work in.

Each sector is different; from Oil and Gas to Aviation; from Manufacturing right through to Motorsport. Geographically many of the areas of operation for Servicom’s customers are diverse as are the audiences that they deal with. The brand, its accompanying graphic and visuals, and the tone of voice of their documentation all work together to present a unique identity for Servicom.

Digital Media

The impact of Servicom’s digital face is direct and leads customers to Servicom’s solutions.

Graphic Identity have worked closely with Servicom to make certain that all the digital materials that go out into the commercial environment have great impact.

It’s also been very important to Servicom to ensure that the branding; both the image and brand values are strongly reflected in those materials and are consistent across both the digital and physical offering. We believe very strongly that the contents presented in all materials should be of the highest quality.


Corporate Event Displays

Here we produced stands and pop-up displays that have both maximum impact and the highest quality graphics and content.

Going out to trade exhibitions and shows always gives a great opportunity to do things differently to the competition. Here our role was clear – to present a direct and accessible face for the business. To clearly communicate what they did well in an instant and give the exhibition team the opportunity to do the rest.


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