Gould’s and Graphic Identity

We’ve partnered with Gould on everything from small scale projects to complete rebranding and websites
Developing a new website and branding strategy.

Every business is unique; its own clients; their own way of producing value for their customers.

Gould are UK based and trade on the back of the certainty that thirty years in business has developed. They’re experts in the design, deployment and support of all kinds of communications solutions from digital radio, WiFi Hotspots and Taxi dispatch systems throughout Europe and North America.

Our ongoing project for them? To create a physical and online identity that reflects their expert and innovative identity.

As Gould develop their offering we’re with them every step of the way from show stands to websites for sub-divisions of the business; technical manuals to road side signage. We’re here to change with them, to manage the process and make sure that communication to the outside world always flows freely; every aspect of the visual and each word. All of it designed to meet their precise needs.

Gould website
  • ClientGould Electronics
    Gould Radio
  • IndustryWireless Communications
  • ServicesDesign, Development, Digital Strategy, Marketing, Publications, Adverts, Vehicle Banding, Product Branding, Large scale signage, Show Stands, Technical Manuals, Internal Documentation, Bid Proposals and Tenders.
  • SummaryWe’ve partnered with Gould on everything from small scale projects to complete rebranding and websites, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved as part of their extended team.
Gould Branding
Gould website
Gould building sign


From a micro level where competition is fierce to a national stage where identity is hugely important we’ve worked with Gould on identity from the very start. When we came on board to carry out a full rebranding this gave us the opportunity to develop the core ideas that had grown from the beginning. Through careful consultations and a long-term involvement in the business we were able to build an entirely new brand for the company to use across all its commercial activity. The design is bright and modern and sets them apart from their competition locally and nationally.

Gould shopwatch brochure design
GouldTrack brochure
A Wraparound Service
The physical presence of a company in its area of operations is all important.

From the leaflets at show stands, the stands themselves, promotional literature and of course the vehicles that they travel out in. All this forms an important part of the public and commercial perception of your business. Gould’s values come through in all of their physical presence; flexibility, accessibility and technical excellence. Wherever they are they can clearly be seen as the business that they are.

Gould website page
Gould website home page
On and Off Site
On a customer’s premises or on the side of their own building or at a local Rugby club, Gould’s branding comes through loud and clear

Graphic Identity have worked to make sure that wherever they go Gould’s image goes with them. Livery on vehicles is a core part of branding for many businesses and it’s a fundamental part of what we do; our design and commercial experience working hand-in-hand for Gould’s and all our customers. The same coherence travels across Gould’s online presence and all their publications; customers are assured of professionalism from that very first contact.

Gould Rugby Ground sign
Gould Vehicle graphic design
Gould Radio
Gould Radio is a new brand and a new business arm that sits within a different part of the overall market.

For this we created a new brand that satisfied two things. That it must be recognisable as part of the original but also have its own identity as something different. The brand establishes the identity within the whole and demonstrates that the company is on trend with this new venture.

Gould Radio brand development
Keeping it all together
At the heart of Gould’s website, we built a custom web based CRM system so that they can securely log in and add material on their website without having to touch the source code.

Although these days this is a standard feature for so many off the shelf website templates, Gould websites are all custom made and not based on a WordPress – their site is absolutely unique to them. The customer had a specific set of fields they wanted and that's just what they got.

I recommend the services of Graphic Identity without hesitation.

Graphic Identity is capable, proficient and their creative approach means they get to the heart of all our marketing needs and they deliver an end product that my customers can believe in.

David Gould (Director of Gould Electronics)