CommSystems and
Graphic Identity

CommSystems, a wireless communications business based in New Zealand and Laos have a truly international identity. They came to us to have a website built to reflect their business after many years of growth.

Their experience with new communications technologies, and their ability to continue moving with new developments, need reflecting in the website. We’d also got the task of building a site that made sense across several international markets.

Many of CommSystems customers will be English speaking, but it won’t be their first language and the cultures they are accessing the site from will differ.

This made it important to build a site that was accessible to all those different people and to create something that was interesting and engaging; keeping those new leads on the site and directing them to the sales team.

  • Customer Website


  • Services

    Design, Development, Digital Strategy, Marketing, SEO

  • Brief

    To create a website that would showcase all aspects of a diverse and international business; from the design and installation aspects of the business to the on-line products catalogue all working together to demonstrate the broad range of CommSystems capabilities.

    The brief also included making sure that people from their business regions are used throughout the site images.

Rebranding for Growth

Every business continually faces the twin challenges of maintaining their existing position and building for the future.

Rebranding for CommSystems is part of their planning to keep them front of mind with existing clients and talking to new leads in an interesting way. We’ve created a brand that goes a long way to demonstrating their unique market position.

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