Mudrut – Out for Adventure

Brand development
Adrenalin fuelled adventure.

Developing a new website and branding strategy

There’s not yet a way of putting physical texture onto a website but our aim was to build a very real picture of the raw adrenalin adventure that’s stock in trade for Mudrut. Everything you’ll meet, except the mud. The work of this website is to get people on board; and that’s in every sense of the word. To open the door to the idea, to explain the idea and put in place the first steps to securing a booking.

Graphic Identity’s work is to offer up real-world experience of what the trips would feel like and what, at a practical level that would entail. Social media and customer interaction with the whole was going to be vital here; here was something very real, physical and new for people to talk about.

  • ClientMUDRUT
  • Industryadrenalin fuelled 4x4 adventure
  • ServicesBranding, Design, Development, Digital Strategy, Marketing
  • SummaryTo capture the unique nature of the client’s business proposition and enable them to sell it online to a domestic market.
Mudrut responsive website
Mudrut vehicle logo design
Mudrut webpage design

A Special Journey

Mudrut are specialists; out to offer adrenalin fuelled adventure. Their fleet of Land Rovers are equipped for hard core travel to UK and European destinations. Attracting new customers meant working closely with Mudrut to get a true-to-life impression of how the journeys fitted together.

Mudrut webpage photography
Mudrut vehicle feature
Mudrut expedition page
A Visual Feast
Putting new customers in the driving seat meant using the opportunity to put some first-rate images on the site.

Mudrut and Graphic Identity worked with photographer Ros Woodham, who accompanied some of the tours, providing us with a world class collection of breath taking photography capturing the essence of these adventures.

It is this market awareness and sympathetic eye which sets Graphic Identity apart from their peers……

“Graphic Identity produced a stunning, image and content-rich website which exceeded our expectations and is even now gaining customers for us. I cannot recommend their services highly enough.”

Ian Woolley