Two-Way Communications

DMR Association is the hub supporting and maintaining the truly international communications standard that is Digital Mobile Radio (DMR).

This, the most widely used two-way radio protocol in the world, is managed by the DMRA which manages and distributes the relevant standard documents and supports the membership.

Graphic Identity are part of the extended team working together to provide a highly visible public facing website and a parallel private members site. The members site has a vast document vault; simple to navigate and manage via a custom CRM developed by Graphic Identity.

  • Customer Website

  • Services

    Design, Development, Digital Strategy, Marketing, Journalism, Custom CRM, Branding, SEO

  • Brief

    To build a website, create a brand and assist in the overall global positioning of the association. Construct a private member only website areas and provide ongoing maintenance to meet any changing needs and requirements.

Customer Name

Joined together by their Association the members of the DMRA are themselves highly diverse so the web build here needed to be attractive and navigable for a broad audience.

The site had to be well structured to allow easy access to the full range of information contained within it. Graphic Identity are involved on an ongoing basis; adding new members, product showcase information and events.


Members Only

The CRM custom built by us for the DMRA is a key tool in the management of the Association.

Built precisely to their needs and allowing calendar management, events attendance and invites, interaction between members and access management. Providing the Officers of the Association with the ability to manage all aspects of documentation quickly and easily using any common web browser.

With members and association offices being spread so widely across the globe, it was imperative that there are no time zone constraints. Their very own CRM system offers a truly futuristic way to provide this.


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