Communication throughout Spain

Artsys approached Graphic Identity to build a new website and carry out a complete rebranding.

Any and all necessary translation on the site was carried out by a professional linguist and all the cultural references needed to be Spanish.

This was the company’s first website and as such it represented the perfect opportunity for a strong start; with no heritage to work from we’ve filled the blank space with fresh, meaningful and sticky content. We’re proud of the result – a site and a brand that’s going to attract and hold the attention of new leads and customers.

  • Customer Website

    Artsys Telecom

  • Services

    Design, Development, Digital Strategy, Marketing, SEO

  • Brief

    A new site for a radio telecommunications company in Spain. All the cultural references to be appropriate for the region and the site to be presented in Spanish and English.

A local image

Local for Artsys is Spain. All the photography, the colour palette and the language on each page were completely built with a Spanish audience in mind.

Graphic Identity worked closely with Artsys to ensure that the site accurately represented the business and drew its audience in with images and references that were sufficiently familiar whilst remaining attractive.


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