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Optimised worldwide patented technology for the most competitive trading
Creation of a new Chicago-based telecommunication network brand

To make a great first impression, Skywave Networks’ bold brand had to have optimum impact. It had to be right first time. The design, the images and the written content had to meet the company’s strict brief and mirror their grand vision.

Skywave Networks launched their innovative product in 2022 and looked to the Graphic Design team to introduce it to the world. They provide the lowest latency telecommunications network for trading between exchanges in the US and Europe.

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The power of collaboration:

Phil, our lead designer, is no stranger when it comes to working in the telecommunications sector so it was no surprise that Skywave Networks chose Graphic Identity to create a standout brochure and website. It’s a huge advantage that Phil understands this industry, knows what the customer will want to see and know, and has the creative skills to deliver what the client needs.

This project was a true collaboration, and the opinions of every key stakeholder was taken seriously. Due to the newness of this powerful offering, it was key that everyone was fully on board and proud to take it to the next level.

The marketing material had to have immediate impact to reflect speed. Skywave Network’s pioneering shortwave telecommunications link speed is peerless.

How we did it:

Although there was a detailed brief, there was a blank canvas for the Graphic Identity team regarding the design concept and brand identity. Speed is key to the success of the network, so it was crucial that the designs represented movement and a sense of endless potential.

What we’ve done:

Phil spent a lot of time researching before developing an initial concept on which to build on. This commitment created a solid foundation enabling the team to unite and ensure that the images and content perfectly mirrored the design’s intent to capture the imagination of the customer. We also had to be mindful that we were targeting an American market.

Once the brief and research were finalised, concepts were talked through with the key stakeholders and improvements were made where necessary until all parties were satisfied that the brand could not be bettered. Phil was key to steer these meetings to make sure that Skywave Networks’ vision always took centre stage.

Clear visual statistics were used to showcase the service’s superiority and to make it 100% clear to the reader that their network doesn’t have any rivals.

Skywave Networks
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