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Web development to highlight the personality of a complete rebrand

Understanding the client’s vision was key to this project’s success. The name my client gave to her business when she first launched it no longer reflected the services she now offers so it was definitely time for a rebrand and to inject her vision right into the heart of her business. The name ‘Rapport’ perfectly captures the essence of her vision to build outstanding working relationships, and for her clients to do the same by using her expert services.

LC Communications became Rapport PR in 2022. Lindsay had consulted marketing and branding professionals to create brand guidelines based on the direction she wanted to take her company in and how she wanted her customer base to feel.

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Bringing the vision to life:

Lindsay, an accredited PR practitioner with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, is committed to treat every one of her clients as individuals, to get to know them, to identify what makes them unique, and to discover and share their stories.

For over 20 years Lindsay has been exceeding the expectations of those she works with due to her professionalism and personal touch. She is a great listener, curious, trustworthy, dedicated, approachable, friendly, and determined to get the best results for her clients and to keep them ahead of their competition. To enable Lindsay to do this, it’s essential that there is rapport between her and her clients.

Phil was a huge support to me during the rebrand of my business, providing valuable advice, professionalism and expertise.

“He understood my brief and what I was trying to achieve and clearly explained everything to me throughout the process. He was extremely patient while I grappled with some of the technicalities and was very quick to respond to any queries. Phil really did keep this project on track and helped me to achieve a result that I am really proud of. I would absolutely recommend Phil to any small business looking to create a new website or launch a new brand.”

Lindsay Colbeck
How we did it:

Phil, our lead creative, took the time to immerse himself in the brand guidelines given to him. He spoke with Lindsay often to ensure he understood her vision for the future and how every element of the guidelines connected to it. While the guidelines and brief were strict, when some elements were in situ on the website’s frame, Phil suggested further ideas to enhance the branding from a designer’s point of view. Lindsay was introduced to more than one design version and Phil always took the time to explain his thinking behind each one.

What we’ve done:

The website is vibrant, puts Lindsay and her vision at its core, echoes the importance of relationships, showcases her PR and communication services to the max, and uses visual clues in the form of small and simple graphics to help the client navigate their way around every page. The contact form has complex coding behind it to make the customer’s journey is as easy as possible while being completely GDPR compliant and preventing misuse. With only the necessary coding behind every page, it’s SEO optimized too.

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Lindsay from Rapport meeting clients
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