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Brand development for a new service from Europe’s leading communications solutions expert

Understanding the full extent to which Combonet’s transformational SIM technology can improve businesses and communities across the globe in equal measure was critical to encapsulate its far-reaching, and in some cases life-altering, benefits.

Combonet is part of the Entropia Group and has built on the knowledge and expertise of its innovate sister companies to bring an exciting new service to market. By using Combonet’s 4G/5G SIMs or eSIMs, organisations in the most demanding sectors can access 500+ tier 1 partner networks in over 180 countries and enjoy complete operator independence guaranteeing them the best connection no matter their location. And with no additional fees, there’s never any surprises concerning costs.

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A distinctive brand identity

Being part of a Group and having sister companies can be a huge advantage to a business, but it does throw up challenges when it comes to establishing a brand that has the power to stand alone but also echoes its proud heritage.

The Entropia Group consists of three companies: Entropia, ComBus and Combonet. The Graphic Identity team have worked with all three companies and are very familiar with their brand look, their messaging, their customers, and their aspirations. While the three companies offer diverse products and services within the communications technology sector they all share the same passion, integrity, and enthusiasm to connect human to human, human to machine, and machine to machine to improve lives.

Quadra Solutions branding evolution
Quadra Solutions logo update
Quadra Solutions branding updated
How we did it:

Combonet has a lot to say. Its benefits, the sectors it serves, the technology behind the SIMs, the management tools, its business intelligence, its worldwide connectivity, and its IOT uses go beyond imaginations. It was clear from the start that we had to be ingenious with the design of the website to make it easy for all customers to navigate straight to the areas that will be most impactful for their needs. Phil, our creative lead, dissected every element of the business and created a detailed roadmap for the team to work from.

What we’ve done:

The foundation for the user-friendly website reflects the Group’s values, language, tone and feel. To assist the reader understand some of the more complex content, visual infographs were created. A new look logo was designed using the Group’s existing colour palette. With clear signposts throughout the website, customers have the choice of finding information based on the technology Combonet offers, or by the industry they work in. Ultimately, our aim was to mirror the Combonet’s mission to provide a clear, solution-driven, and uncomplicated service.

We made the best choice!

“Our most valuable results from the explanations of Graphic Identity have resulted in the beautifully elaborated graphic websites that are now available. It's nice working with Phil Taylor, owner of Graphic Identity, who is also well versed in our business.”

Philip Vercruysse

Combonet website
Combonet website
Combonet website
Combonet website
Combonet website
Combonet website