The ultimate protection for mission critical fibre optic connections
Brand development for a unique product to showcase its disruptive innovation.

To play an integral part in introducing a new product to market is exhilarating. But it’s not without its challenges. There was a design patent pending, a need to highlight how the product works and how it benefits customers without imparting critical information that could lead to imitations, and the website was to be hosted overseas.

On completion of the website, the team here at Graphic Identity could not be happier with the results. We knew that the brief had to be fluid and that we’d have to react swiftly as the client progressed with their operations. We gave 100% to this project, and we may be biased, but it really does show.

Philip Vercruysse is the founder of 1enclose. He has a successful background in the world of telecommunications and is dedicated to making this sector safer and greener. The invention of the 1enclose product will result in higher levels of safety for engineers, and longevity of cable connections for complete sustainability.

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Talent, tenacity, and trust

Phil, our Lead Creative, has a strong relationship with many professionals within the telecommunications industry. He first met Philip Vercruysse many years ago and as they’re both incredibly knowledgeable and respected in this sector, it was only natural that Philip would turn to Phil to support him with the launch of 1enclose.

As with all new products entering the market for the first time there is a real risk that competitors will be keen to copy. Speed was of the essence and the team here worked on the website development as the design and manufacturing processes were still ongoing.

Trust was key for this project, as was the ability to respond quickly to changes.

1enclose burried capsule installation
1enclose technical specification
1enclose fibre splice
How we did it:

Phil gained a complete understanding of the product, its benefits, and how it can save the end user a lot of money. The website was given a unique identity and all key messages were highlighted throughout to leave the visitor in no doubt that this product is essential for protecting cables in the most cost-effective way. With no images of the product in-situ there was a need for expressive graphic designs to bring it to life. Communication with Philip was crucial to ensure the team here were on track at all times. And it took patience to overcome the language barrier when it came to hosting the site.

What we’ve done:

Phil maintained a clear vision throughout the project and as such successfully designed a coherent brand identity around a pre-existing logo. The result is an interactive engaging website which features a reCAPTCHA sign up box to ensure genuine customers can download a full specification catalogue.

The overall look commands innovation, credibility, and ingenuity.

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1enclose website
1enclose website
1enclose website