Entropia & ComBus

Mission critical communications to safeguard our future
Developing two new showcase websites for a European Communications Giant.
Graphic Identity’s creativity enables Belgium communications giant to successfully launch new services in Europe and across the rest of the world with fresh branding and two new websites.

The Entropia Group leads the way when it comes to developing and supplying robust mission critical communications. They have been providing high quality communication solutions for over 30 years in Belgium and The Netherlands. To guarantee the best service, they own and fully manage their own network, which was the only network to remain operational after the Brussels bombing in 2016.

It is now The Entropia Group’s mission to promote their ultimate communications services across Europe and the rest of the world, showcasing the value of their robust Push-to-Talk and innovative Internet of Things technologies to help in situations where every second counts, and to shape a greener, healthier future. As Entropia have gained a national 5G license to complement their flawless TETRA network, this is the perfect time for them to embrace a completely new look to reflect their commitment to progression and quality.

To fulfil this next stage, they required two new websites and a new logo for ComBus. The branding, imagery and content for both sites had to appeal to a mix of cultures and clearly demonstrate the power of their offerings. Our lead designer, Phil, has a wealth of knowledge in this sector and has supported Entropia’s CEO on previous projects. With a clear understanding of their products and services, as well as what their clients will be looking for, Graphic Identify were delighted to be approached to manage this project.

ComBus website    

Entropia Investments bv website
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The Entropia Group is extremely forward-thinking and innovative. As such, their communication services are continually improving. Their previous website had been a victim of too many add-ons. As new products and services became available, extra pages were introduced and additional content.

Like many other companies who experience growth, keeping a website up to date in-house is not an easy task. The site had become cumbersome and not easy for a client to find to navigate their way around it. This was the first issue that needed addressing. The second issue was that The Entropia Group established another company, ComBus Technologies, to offer Control Room solutions and evolved into Broadband Push-to-Talk solutions. It was apparent that ComBus needed its own identity and its own website. But it was also key that the overarching brand and values of the Group was demonstrated across both sites. The third issue was that The Entropia Group aim to enter global markets. The content and imagery for both sites had to suit different cultures.

How we did it:
Phil meticulously planned the site architecture for both websites. The look, the feel, the tone, the messaging – everything was clear. He also discovered and explored better ways to present The Group’s offerings and kept in close contact with Philip Vercruysse, Entropia’s CEO, to explain his thoughts throughout the project.

ComBus dispatcher
ComBus PTT app
Entropia TETRA network

Intelligence and awareness to meet the demands of our evolving world.

“ComBus Technologies is still very much a part of Entropia and our two companies complement each other perfectly to give customers optimal communications solutions. The websites reflect this strong relationship while allowing both companies to stand proud independently. Knowing that Phil Taylor from Graphic Identity Ltd was leading the project was a great comfort to us due to his experience, skill and background.” - Philip Vercruysse

Entropia and ComBus logos

We didn’t want the translation to become a stumbling block.
We considered the language barrier and crafted content in English that would translate into Dutch.

Thankfully, this extra care paid off.

Entropia website
ComBus website
ComBus website
ComBus website
Entropia Investments website
Showcasing their new branding
Supporting the launch Entropia secured space in a Dutch magazine, Friends In Business, to further promote this exciting stage in their history.

Graphic Design was tasked to create an engaging advert to showcase the new branding and their cutting edge technologies. This would be the first time their clients see their new branding.

Entropia advert
The images
The client had limited imagery, and no images showing products with their new branding.

Whilst this is not an ideal situation, Phil was able to source images of the exact products and overlayed them with the correct branding. This care and attention to detail makes the images stand out and look professional. Images really do have the power to make or break the look of a site – in this case, it definitely made it.

ComBus apps on device
ComBus apps on device
ComBus apps on device
We made the best choice!

Entropia had developed its own website for many years. Over time, ComBus was added, the control room software. We had no idea that the core on Google was also important, SEO, how to score higher on Google, and so on. After years of maintaining the website for the company ourselves, we became quite frustrated that the website did not grow with the innovation that Entropia and ComBus radiate. Our most valuable results from the explanations of Graphic Identity have resulted in the beautifully elaborated graphic websites that are now available. It's nice working with Phil Taylor, owner of Graphic Identity, who is also well versed in our business.

Philip Vercruysse Founder and CEO