All the right parts ...

But does it fit together? We place faith in technology, at the most basic level, every time we turn on the light. And we seldom think of the delivery of it in any way. From the choice of fuel for the electricity generation, its delivery to the site, the age and type of the power station, the choice of delivery voltage, location of the substation, the country of origin of the delivery cables; all of this ending with the safety certification of the switch itself which will be geography specific.

One of our newer clients, CommSystems Ltd operating out of New Zealand, answered a question on our fact finding as follows;

“Anyone can sell … any product ... the expertise we have is in designing a system to meet the customers’ requirements.”

And that statement means a great deal. It’s very much like the light switch; it’s not the thing itself that’s of importance; but all the individual steps along the way that make it work. With so many economies operating on small margin then simply describing your market sector isn’t enough. You need to demonstrate your skill set accurately – what is it that you achieve with your business? Why does what you offer work so well?

And that’s where we, at Graphic Identity, are a valuable partner to so many businesses and enterprises. Our component parts are web build, graphic design, marketing and social media, illustration and copywriting. But our value is combining those elements to communicate to your customers the exact way in which your way of bringing it all together is the best. We work as part of your team to show the world how you switch the light on; whatever your sector. Get in touch with us to see how it can fit together better?

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