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Brand redevelopment & inspiring marketing collateral to inject values and personality

Following a leadership change, Hi5 was to have a face-lift – one that elevated the significance of collaborations and longstanding relationships. The leadership team wanted fresh online content and an impactful show stand for a high-profile industry event to showcase the company’s values and its commitment to deliver the ultimate service to their clients. There needed to be a shift from sharing facts to demonstrating their human side.

Since 1999 Hi5 has kept the same vision – to become a trusted business known for its reliability and trustworthiness as well as delivering outstanding services. Over the years, Hi5 has invested in its talented and loyal employees, fostered exceptional working relationship with its customers, and explored ways to continually adapt to always meet their changing needs and demands.

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Embracing new opportunities and being open to change:

The pandemic was indeed a time of change for many businesses. The owner of Hi5 saw this as an opportunity to give Hi5 a brighter future and to take it to the next level. His insight led to a collaboration with the owners of Quadra Solutions. The combining of PCB experience, knowledge, skills, integrity and passion takes Hi5 into a new chapter, one which starts a brand new story. Despite the changes, Hi5 continues to champion UK manufacturing, support local businesses, and invest in the sense of family that they have successfully embedded thanks to its dependable workforce.

This project was a true collaboration, and the opinions of every key stakeholder was taken seriously. Due to the newness of this powerful offering, it was key that everyone was fully on board and proud to take it to the next level.

How we did it:

To get the ball rolling and to make sure that we fully understood the brief, Phil, our creative lead, took time to meet with the existing owner and the two new co-owners of Hi5. Phil has already worked with the two new leaders on other projects, and as an ex-PCB designer himself, he was able to offer more than they expected and recommended improvements to their website based on the changes they wished to implement and on what their customers will want to see. Following the meeting, a complete review of their online presence was carried out to identify the work needed, and an eye-catching design was agreed for the all-important exhibition stand.

What we’ve done:

We helped write a brand new Meet The Team and About Us page to make them consistent with Hi5’s new goals and objectives. To bring the organisation’s exciting transition to life we identified that it would benefit from brand storytelling; as such we created a series of engaging blogs and produced striking design work to engage the reader. And to support their attendance at an industry show, we helped design a knockout show stand.