Kirisun Communication

Brand Development for Overseas Business
Kirisun – getting a brand ready for travel.

Kirisun came to us having already made some inroads into a European market, looking for ways to move forward, explaining to a culturally different audience the strengths of what they offer.

Graphic identity’s role here isn’t to offer actual translation of existing material, we’d always outsource that to a specialist where the customer wasn’t able to supply the service themselves. Our work was to understand Kirisun’s products and services – through the lens of the western market. Having carried out a comprehensive fact find about the customer then we prepare the brochures and materials.

The result: technically excellent brochures that explain the DMR products and services that the company excels in; demonstrating Kirisun’s values and usefulness to a whole new set of business sectors.

Kirisun’s situation is unique – we understand that each new client brings their set of particular circumstances, goals and ideals. That’s where we come in; here to communicate your purpose to your audience.

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  • ClientKirisun Communication
  • IndustryDigital Two-way Communications
  • ServicesBrand Design, Copywriting, Graphic Design
  • SummaryKirisun’s a leading Chinese manufacturer offering technically excellent products into a European market. Our role, at Graphic identity is to help them make sure that they are getting their message across in a way that their audience will understand. We’ve created a range of brochures and materials that will appeal to prospective customers from a European culture.
Kirisun KDT-LITE DMR Trunking System
Kirisun Communication brochures
Kirisun DG800 - DMR to MPT1327 migration

Cultures differ.

It’s an obvious thing; but how do we bridge the gap? What works for technical documentation or sales in Asia will probably not work in Europe. Europeans expect to have the whole picture presented in accessible, pleasant language. A degree of technical detail will be needed – enough to satisfy initial concerns – generally we’d expect direct human contact or detailed manuals to explain more depth. That was our role for Kirisun; creating a set of documents that moved from an Asian culture to a European one.

Kirisun Communications DMR Brochures
Kirisun KDT-Lite DMR Tier III Trunking Systems
Original Kirisun Brochures